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Our company, founded in 1976, was established to evaluate the forest industry potential of Kaz Mountains and to provide value-added products to our country. It continues its production, which started in 1981. Our company, which has become one of the leading industrial establishments of Edremit Gulf over the years, has made significant contributions to the region since its establishment. It supports the economic and social development in the region with the employment it has created and the investments it has made.

Our company has proven the compliance and quality of our products with international standards with its TSE EN 300 certified OSB-2 and OSB-3 production. With the power it derives from its years of experience, our company aims to continuously renew itself with the investments made and to be made, without compromising the quality we have, and to increase product quality by following technological developments.

Customer satisfaction is at the center of our business. We constantly strive to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. As Sumaş, we are determined to bring quality and innovation together to offer the best products to our customers.

As Sumaş, we aim to gain an important position in the sector by continuing our customer-focused approach in the future. We will continue to be a pioneer in the sector with our long years of experience and commitment to continuous improvement.